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Every Loewen window and door mirrors a fascinating journey.

It began at the turn of the twentieth century on the lonely prairies of southern Manitoba. Here in the village of Steinbach, a group of Mennonite families, including the Loewens, had migrated from Russia.

Among the first things made by the Loewen millwork for the fast-growing community were humble items like church pews and bee-keeping equipment. But soon, windows and doors became our specialties. The key to our success is simple: while we’ve remained faithful to our roots — particularly in our deeply held traditional craft values and our work ethic — we’ve also grown to embrace new technologies and ideas from places as diverse as Europe, Japan, America and, of course, Canada.

We are a company where seeming opposites exist in harmony: the old and the new; delicate beauty and a steely toughness; and pride in craft tempered by an abiding humility. The result is windows and doors that possess a rich heritage, a striking beauty, even a kind of soul you won’t find anywhere else in the world.

For luxury homeowners — and the architects, designers and custom builders who create their dreams — Loewen is the brand that delivers an unrivaled combination of artisanship, experience and environmental sensibility in an extensive line of Douglas Fir, FSC Douglas Fir and Mahogany windows and doors.

Loewen Fast Facts

  • Manufacturer of luxury wood windows and doors
  • Privately held company, established in 1905
  • All major manufacturing done in Steinbach Manitoba Canada, at our own 587,000 square foot plant
  • Full line of windows and doors including several proprietary specialties (Access and Push Out suite)
  • Available in numerous countries around the world including: United States, Canada, Japan & Mexico

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